Louis Vuitton

Top 10 Best Women Fashion Brands in The World

162 years old the world’s biggest luxury brand that focus on high-end fashion products founded in 1854 in Paris by Vuitton. The brand products includes leather goods, trunks, watches,  sunglasses, leather bracelets,belts,scarves,ties,hats,shoes,sandals,sneakers,handbags,ready-to-wear, wallets, jewelry, timepieces and all other accessories. It is the most profitable brand in the world. The brand designer and entrepreneur Vuitton was born. His success was immediate. He also offered luggage in fashionable color and also introduced slat trunk.

In 1914 Vuitton he opened his first biggest luggage store which becomes most luxurious travel brand. The most iconic product “Keepal” was introduced in 1930 which is still in production today. In 1954 the Vuitton monogram was one of the most famous logos in the world. The key success factor of this brand are their quality, brand image and differentiation. Louis Vuitton brand considered as symbol of social status. They believed in quality, elegance, subtle, comfort and class and sold product only in branded stores.


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