Top 10 Best Women Fashion Brands in The World

Burberry is 160 year old British luxury fashion brand, which was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry in Basingstoke Hampshire. He launched Burberry while he was 21 year. The first shop was actually a family controlled shop. Thomas established the shop with outdoors clothes.  Next he moved it to high fashion market until in 1955 when it includes many constitutes. On of the best women fashion brands, Burberry built its name during the second half of 19th century and throughout the 20th century too. Burberry starts with its original name but soon change to “Burberrys” after that many customers from all over the world began calling it “Burberrys of London”.

The Burberrys worldwide products includes British clothing collection such as shirts, skirts, suits, trousers and sportswear. The most famous “trench coat” was first designed by Burberry in First World War. Other accessories includes bags, shoes, cosmetics, fragrances and sunglasses. All the products are designed, manufactured and distributed worldwide under the control of Burberry’s headquarter in London. The Burberry operates under 4 sub brands that are;

  • Burberry Prorsum:  the most advanced collection fashion center
  • Burberry London:   the smart fitted collection
  • Burberry brits:  the casual collection
  • Burberry sports: sports wearing

Burberry also have two regional brands for Japanese market

  • Burberry Label
  • Blue Label

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